Stone Information

Combined Report of Stone Testing

Fischer Material Name ASTM Mountain Bluff Average Honey Brook Buff Average Autumn Sky Average Lanark Buff Average
Compression Strength PSI Wet PerpendicularC1709,7308,46014,91012,710
Compression Strength PSI Dry PerpendicularC17016,25012,08023,14018,020
Compression Strength PSI Wet ParallelC1708,9006,710N/AN/A
Compression Strength PSI Dry ParallelC17012,9609,630N/AN/A
Modulus of Rupture PSI Wet PerpendicularC996901,3101,520740
Modulus of Rupture PSI Dry PerpendicularC991,0801,2601,9201,440
Modulus of Rupture PSI Wet ParallelC995101,620N/AN/A
Modulus of Rupture PSI Dry ParallelC996802,040N/AN/A
Flexural Strength PSI Wet PerpendicularC8804202,500N/AN/A
Flexural Strength PSI Dry PerpendicularC8804703,050N/AN/A
Flexural Strength PSI Wet ParallelC8803502,810N/AN/A
Flexural Strength PSI Dry Parallel C8803803,360N/AN/A
Specifiic GravityC972.5562.7092,5432,456
Bulk Density, PCFC97159.4168.9158.6153.2
Absorbtion, %C972.